Young Citizenship Award – honors pre-high school students

who daily demonstrate good citizenship both at school and at

home. It is not based on scholastics or athletics. Instead, the

program is designed to recognize and encourage youngsters

who are honest, hard-working, helpful, and fair.

Youth of the Month – recognizes hard-working high school

seniors who attain high levels of scholastic achievement,

community involvement, and leadership.

Talent Showcase – The Talent Show is held in April showcasing

local youths (K-12). All proceeds are given to the CHS Natural



ACE Award – A.C.E. stands for Accepting the Challenge of

Excellence. This program recognizes a high school senior who

has made a dramatic change in attitude and performance during

high school. These changes have enabled the student to

overcome adversities and prepare for graduation. The award is

given in April.


Back to School Shopping Spree – Each August we provide

school clothes and a full backpack to Duneland community

needy children.


Sweets ‘N Style – Fashion and Desserts, May 5, 2016 6:30 PM –

9:00 PM held at the Spa on Mineral Springs Rd in Porter, IN.

Body Safety Program – The Body Safety Program teaches

children that their bodies are their own and nobody has the

right to touch them. Our club sponsors this presentation at each

elementary school.


Child Abuse Prevention – During the month of April, Child

Abuse Prevention Month, we conduct a local Blue Ribbon

Campaign. You have seen blue ribbons on street lamps down

Broadway, on antennas of police cars and school buses, banners

on Porter Avenue and billboards throughout Porter County.

Why blue? Blue is the color that bruises often turn.

Child abuse is a tragedy. Each day, the hope of a child who has

been abused or neglected is challenged by the very real prospect

that this horrifying experience will happen all over again.

Children do not deserve to be abused. That is why the Duneland

Exchange Club raises money to fund projects and spread public



Giveakidaflagtowave – This project involved the distribution of

small American flags to youth who are in attendance at parades

or other community events. Our club either hands the flags to

kids at the 4th of July parade or to veterans at Chesterton Middle

School’s Veteran’s Day Program.



Book of Golden Deeds – The National Exchange Club’s longest

running project, the Book of Golden Deeds Award, recognizes

dedicated volunteers who give endless hours toward making

their communities better places to live.

Community Grants – Every Spring, our club gives grants to local

non-profit organizations to assist in their fight against child



Crime and Fire Prevention – The primary objectives of a crime

and fire prevention project are to help eliminate crime and the

causes of fires, and to teach people how to safeguard themselves

against the dangers around them. These projects are often

kicked off during October, National Crime Prevention Month.

National Day of Service – Exchange Clubs across America join

together on the third Saturday in October each year to serve

their communities through projects of their choice.


Proudly We Hail – The Proudly We Hail program encourages

regular display of the flag by individuals, commercial

establishments and industries. To honor them a specially

designed plaque is presented at a club meeting.


Recognition Breakfast – Each Spring, our club hosts a breakfast

recognizing our school counselors and principals for the vital

role they play in the development of our community’s children.


Service for Seniors – Our club sponsors bingo on the fourth

Monday each month at the Waters of Duneland. In addition, this

year we are starting an Adopt-A-Senior program.


Wine Tasting – One of our most successful fundraising events

takes place in October at Sand Creek. It involves great wines,

liquors, hor d’ouvres, silent auction, and entertainment.


What is the Natural Helpers Program?


Since the first training weekend in 1988, hundreds or students,

staff, and community members have attended Natural Helper

Retreats sponsored by Chesterton High School. Many more lives

have been touched as Natural Helpers have worked to improve

communication with family members, to break down barriers

between social groups, to eliminate stereotyping of individuals,

and to assist their peers in coping with a wide range of



The Natural Helpers program is based on the premise that

adolescents seek help from their friends before they turn to

other sources. Within each circle of friends and acquaintances

there is often an individual whose sensitivity, fair-mindedness,

and ability to listen, are recognized by peers. By means of a

school wide survey, students perceived as “helpers” in the

school community are selected for a weekend retreat.


During this retreat the participants learn about time

management, genuine communication with themselves and

others, the significance of Trust in relationships, and knowing

their own limitations. As helpers they discuss ways of coping

with various problems and crises using resources in Porter

County. The importance of using good judgment, sensitivity and

courage in making responsible choices is emphasized.


Upon their return to Chesterton High School the participants

support one another in the positive changes they intend to make

in their lives. Natural Helpers often speak about how the retreat

has influenced them, mentioning better relationships with

parents, a heightened sense of responsibility toward self and

others, and a new appreciation for people they once thought far

different from themselves. A “ripple effect” occurs as Natural

Helpers share their new knowledge and insights with friends in

a serious effort to make school a safer, more caring community.